Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amazing Inspiration by an amazing woman!

Ok friends, so I was just finishing up a super fun scrapbooking club night when I received a facebook post from my new friend Greg Leng.  See, Greg is married to Lori, another CTMH Consultant who lives in North Carolina.  We met on the awesome incentive cruise that we went on last week to the Westren Caribbean.  I was planning to post to you tonight all about our trip & well...I just have to say that Lori posted before me and I could never, in my wildest dreams express so vividly & eloquently as dear Lori did, so....hop on over to check out her blog and be prepared to be inspired!


  1. You are so silly, you could have done 100 times better, but you're comments are so sweet. I'm glad you like it...and heck yeah! spread the joy. Can't wait to see you in DC...were are so gonna have a blast.

  2. Wow, what a fun cruise! Thanks for the link to Lori!