Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jackpot June offers amazing specials & freebies!

So far, we have had some really awesome freebies given away when you hit the jackpot item as well as 5 Goodie Boxes.  Here is the Jackpot items list, so if you made a purchase of these items on the particular day, you hit the jackpot!

June Jackpot deals so far have been:

1st- Mystery item was the It's A Guy Thing Level 1 paper pack.

2nd- Goodie Box $93.95 for over $235.50 in products.

3rd- Mystery item was Perfect Day Level 2 paper pack.

4th- Goodie Box $46.95 for over $93.95 in products.

5th- Mystery item was the White Daisy Sassy Strands.

6th- Mystery item was the Sweet Pea Simply Snapshots.

7th- Mystery item was the Dimensional Elements Fresh Shapes.

8th-Goodie Box $70.50 for over $140.95 in products.
9th- Mystery items was School Zone Level 1 paper pack.
10th- Mystery item was Lovely Buckles Stamp Set.
11th- Mystery items was That's Amore My Stickease.
12th- Goodie Box $70.50 for over $140.95 in products.
13th- Mystery item was the True Fit Folios.
14th- Mystery items was the Abundance Level 2 paper pack.
15th- Mystery item was the Twill Ribbon.
16th- Goodie Box $117.50 for over $293.95 in products.
Check my site daily to see what the Jackpot June specials are.

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