Thursday, January 9, 2014

NEW Spring/Summer Consultant Kit

Here is the NEW consultant kit that you can get for just $99.  That's a retail value of over $300!

You can actually earn back the price for this kit, less shipping, when you reach Straight To The Top.  That's $1,200 in sales in 90 days.  Not only will you earn back the kit price but you'll also have earned 22% commission on all of your sales, but you can also year Select Product Credit (SPC) all dependent on your personal monthly sales totals.

I provide my team with excellent training, personalized for YOUR goals.

Want even more??  Here you go...

For New Consultants: New Consultants who enroll in January will receive a FREE Cloud Nine cardmaking kit when they have submitted total personal sales of $300. Qualifying minimum sales must be achieved by the end of a new Consultant’s first full quarter, as no inactive Consultant can qualify for this promotion.  

Contact me for more information or click here to JOIN.