Friday, May 1, 2009

Back from CTMH Regional Celebration in Calgary

I'm back home and into reality again. It was a surreal week in Calgary meeting so many consultants from all over Canada. It was great to put faces to names! We received a tonne of FREE product from our New Summer Idea Book, made (4) 2 page layouts, a memory keeper box, 2 cards & a ring of stamping techniques taught by Jeanette Lynton herself. The business classes were very inspiring:)

I was so surprised to win 1 year FREE Propay for being 4th highest sales on my MYCTH Website. Jeanette also gave me a personalized stamp set during our 1 hour as Advisory Board Members.

Thank you to my amazing room mates, Anne & Michelle - We had a blast and are already planning our next adventure to Long Beach Leadership at the end of July.

To the entire clan of Ontario girls, it was great to meet up with you for supper on Thursday night. In the photo, you see Joy Maertens, Wendy Dodds & Samantha Day smiling pretty for the camera during a creative session.

A shout out to Corporate, you put on amazing events and always make each one of us feel special.

I love my picture with Jeanette, such a down to earth woman and a HUGGER!


  1. Hi Brandy, I didn't realize you had started a blog, I'm assuming it's new. Looks great! I'm a follower. TC, Sam.

  2. Hi Brandy! The blog looks great! I'm now one of your followers so please update your blog often! LOL...Love the photo of you and Jeanette. Someday I hope to meet her, too!