Saturday, April 10, 2010

My crafty family

I just love how much closer a hobby has brought my family together.  All of my children love to scrapbook & craft.  My husband is a crafter himself.  He is a leatherman.  Scott makes anything from belts to equine tack.  His ultimate goal is to make himself a saddle!  He bought everything he needs almost 8 years ago.  The kids kept coming and he just hasn't yet had the time to get it done.  Since he uses alot of tools very similar to that of scrapbookers, he can easily relate to my crafty needs.  He is the one who is often encouraging me to buy the latest tool on the market.  "You know that you can make a better product if you have the better tool", says my dear husband. 

Just the other day, I went into my scraproom only to discover that Scott was into MY tools!  Yup, our 3 year old daughter, Sydney wanted him to fix her toilet paper binoculars that she had made at pre-school earlier that day.  It was so cute to see him in his crafty glory, in my studio, with our kids, that I simply had to capture the moment. 

Sydney is now a happy camper!  Thanks Daddy :)

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I love the "busted" look on Scott's face, I love the fact that the tool of choice was PINK, and I love the look on Syd's face that says "mom is not going to be happy that you are taking her tools". I'm sure he is pleased that you managed to capture the moment - can't wait to see him at the next CROP!!!(maybe he'd let me borrow his tools).Later.