Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh so thoughtful!!

I wanted to share with you a random act of kindness I received in the post the other day.  A parcel arrived in the mail from Charlene Charette.  Charlene & I haven't seen each other since the 2010 Brandon Scrapbooker's Charity Convention.  While spending some time in Texas this winter, Charlene was thinking about my family & me when she saw some super awesome vinyl decals that go on vehicles.  These are of a farm family!  They perfectly suit our life in the country.  I can't wait to get my truck washed & add these decals for everyone to see!  Thank you Charlene!!  I love them!


  1. Well lucky you they are so cute and bet they will look good on the truck to...tfs

  2. Adorable!!! How thoughtful of her to think of you and act on it.

  3. so perfect for you and your's..and how nice to be thought of..loves ya